Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

When I was eight years old, I had a long list of dream jobs for when I grew up.  I wondered if I would be a soulful singer, an eccentric novelist or maybe a marine biologist.  Twenty years later, time has revealed a passion for communication.  Ten years into my professional journey, I specialize in multimedia production and communication.  I currently work at the National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) in Boulder, CO, which helps government and nonprofit organizations improve citizen quality of life through survey research.  I love to involve myself in both my professional and local communities, and I share their stories when I get the chance. From education to promotion, I create quality content in the form of video production, photography, and web writing. 

My professional background is varied, but most of my accomplishments involve the communication industry.  While earning a bachelor's degree in journalism and technical communication at Colorado State University, I was fortunate to take on work that I found passion in.  I served CTV News in Fort Collins as a broadcast reporter, anchor, editor, videographer and associate producer.  I also particularly enjoyed mentoring prospective students to CSU as an Orientation Leader, showing upcoming freshman and their parents that CSU was the smart choice.  By the time I left Fort Collins, I'd produced a talk show on diversity, a news updater radio show and the GRIOT newsletter (for the office then known as Black Student Services).  I took several awards along with me, including a Collegiate Broadcasters Inc. National Student Production: Best Special Broadcast award for my involvement in a winning CTV News episode, the Paul Chambers Excellence in Leadership award and scholarship and Key Plus Community Student of the Year.  After graduating CSU, I took on the tremendous life adventure of marriage and moved to California.  I interned at CBS 13 Sacramento (KOVR) and reported independently as the Chico People Examiner for Examiner.com.  I dove into the sales world when I joined the team at Nevin and Witt Insurance Services.  The agency's Vice President and Chico Office Manager both mentored and guided me into sales success.  I became an expert on Medicare supplemental plans, new HIPAA laws and started a newsletter.  In my second year there, I achieved a fast growing book-of-sales and was awarded Employee of the Year.  After a few years, I returned to the luster of the Rocky Mountains, where I settled into a title of Associate Producer of Multimedia for the Steadman Philippon Research Institute, Dpt. of Technology and Multimedia Communications. Working with a host of scientists and physicians allowed me to help spread innovation in orthopedic research and education around the world.  Working with The Steadman Clinic marketing department granted me opportunities to develop magazine and television advertisements, social media content, and represent TSC and SPRI at some of the most exciting global sporting events of the winter season.    

Now, at NRC, I have the opportunity to continue to work in the field of my passion, as the marketing and business development manager.  I've loved developing social media and web content marketing strategies, writing press releases and sharing NRCs message with the world in a variety of ways.

Though I've worn many hats, I feel my professional path is just taking shape.  Modern technology continues to change the world of multimedia, and as the industry advances, I want to evolve right along with it.  "Once you stop learning, you start dying," Albert Einstein once said.  By looking forward, heeding the wisdom of those before me,  seeking knowledge and inspiration, I hope to be ready for the next big thing when it changes the world.



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