Angelica Riley Wedell, OMCP
Multimedia Communications Specialist

Currently serving as the Marketing Manager for National Research Center, Inc. (NRC), I have worked in multimedia communications for nearly ten years. I enjoy leading the digital communications efforts and strategies of NRC, networking and speaking professionally at conferences across the country, writing popular guest articles for syndicates like ELGL (Engaging Local Government Leaders), contributing to and editing NRC’s monthly newsletterThe Civil Review.  I have passion for storytelling and journalistic integrity, and I plan to continue creating quality content in the form of video production, photography and web writing.  Feel free to engage with me on social media!



Innovation in Orthopaedics SPRI from Angelica Wedell on Vimeo.

Tribute to Dr. Steadman for 2015 World Cup Alpine Ski Races from Angelica Wedell on Vimeo.

Excerpt: Technical Tricks and Pearls of the Double Bundle PCL Reconstruction from Angelica Wedell on Vimeo.

Waneta Beattrice Cuhel - A Life Remembered from Angelica Wedell on Vimeo.

Videos from The Steadman Philippon Research Institute, CTV News,, and some special events


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