Angelica Riley Wedell
Multimedia Communications Specialist

My journey with communications, videography, photography and Web writing has been an exciting one!  As a Colorado native with a bachelor's degree in journalism and technical communication, multimedia has been my eight year focus.  Currently, I work as a multimedia marketer at the National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) in Boulder, CO.  Previously, I have enjoyed working as a video journalist in my college town of Fort Collins, CO and in Chico, CA.  While earning my degree at Colorado State University, I worked for CTV News as a broadcast reporter, anchor, editor, videographer, and associate producer.  I then expanded my experience interning at CBS News in Sacramento (KOVR) and reported independently as the Chico People Examiner for  I also gained experience in sales and marketing while at Nevin and Witt Insurance Services.  Returning to CO, I served as a multimedia producer at a highly published leader in orthopedic and sports medicine research, the Steadman Philippon Research Institute and the Steadman Clinic, before coming to NRC. Along the way, I have started and written for multiple newsletters. I invite you to explore these samples of my work and to learn more about me. 



Innovation in Orthopaedics SPRI from Angelica Wedell on Vimeo.

Tribute to Dr. Steadman for 2015 World Cup Alpine Ski Races from Angelica Wedell on Vimeo.

The Steadman Clinic Patient Experience from Angelica Wedell on Vimeo.

Excerpt: Technical Tricks and Pearls of the Double Bundle PCL Reconstruction from Angelica Wedell on Vimeo.

Waneta Beattrice Cuhel - A Life Remembered from Angelica Wedell on Vimeo.

Videos from The Steadman Philippon Research Institute, CTV News,, and some special events


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